Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I purchased the $149 corporate plan so that I can have my webinars branded to look like my company’s website. Can I get IBShow to create my company branded template for me, so I can avoid any personal HTML design myself and insure that the branded template looks professional?

Answer: Yes, if you would prefer IBShow’s web-site content creators to design your custom branded template for you, please contact us at and someone will contact you to discuss your needs.

Question: How much is IBShow?

Answer: We have several plans to choose from. Plans start at only $99 per month with discounts of $74 per month on corporate plans purchased in advance.

Question: Are there any limitations to how long my presentations can be?

Answer: No, your presentations can last as long as you like. There is no limit for recording length.

Question: Some of my audience has limited access to PC’s. How can they participant in my presentations?

Answer: IBShow gives each person the option to download and take with them the audio from the presentation in the form of an MP3 file. This file format will play on most popular mobile audio devices (iPods, iPhones, etc.). This allows your audience to listen to the audio in their car, or from any mobile location when using their mobile MP3 player of choice.

Question: Even though this event is not live, can people still asked questions while they watch?

Answer: Yes, IBShow provides the ability for each attendee to ask questions as they watch your event. You will have full access to view all submitted questions with the email address of the attendee provided so you can respond.

Question: Can I allow my audience to take surveys or polls?

Answer: Yes, when you create each of your events, you can select to create polls or surveys that will be displayed during your events.

Question: Can I have more than 1 presentation available for my audience to listen to at a time?

Answer: Yes, you can easily have multiple presentations at one time. If you chose to have more than 1 presentation, each additional presentation is $79 per month. The additional presentations can be of any length.

Question: Can I purchase one presentation room and re-record over and over again, reusing the original room?

Answer: Yes, this is an excellent way to continue to change the message to your audience without spending any additional money. When you are ready to change your original presentation, simply upload a new PowerPoint file and record the slides. The new update will be available immediately.

Question: Will I be able to tell who attends my events?

Answer: Yes, you will have access to view all the detailed information on who attended. This information includes any questions that are asked during the event, survey and polls that were responded to.

Question: I have some pre-recorded audio files that I would like to allow my audience to listen to; can I use these files with IBShow?

Answer: Yes, you can upload any pre-recorded MP3 audio file into IBShow and allow them to play during your event.

Question: Can I customize the logo and colors to match my companies?

Answer: Yes, with our corporate plan, you have full control to custom brand the IBShow events to match your company’s colors and logo.

Question: I have created my event, how can I let my audience know its available to view?

Answer: IBShow has a built in email invitation generator built into it. You can add the list of your potential attendees and create your invitation. IBShow will send the email invites out automatically.